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A salwar kameez is an exemplary Indian article of clothing, as of now among the jazziest and sought-after pieces of clothing around.

Besides being contented it also gives a decent and graceful appearance to the wearer.

To add on with this trend of apparel, wide range and pattern of suits are available in the market. Unstitched suits had their monopoly earlier, but its precinct has been narrowed by semi-stitched suits now.

An unstitched salwar suit typically consists of three separate pieces in lengths suitable for the item they are intended to be utilized for, i.e., the salwar or pants, the kameez or long shirt and the dupatta or scarf.

Unstitched salwar kameez refers to salwar suits that are purchased before the tailoring is done. Thus they are essentially cut pieces of cloth which can then be stitched as per individual requirements.

Reason behind this swing may lie anywhere between being more graceful and startling to being easy to get stitched and ready to wear instantly.

Tailor it the way you want

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The main advantage of purchasing unstitched salwar suits is that they can be tailored according to personal taste, requirements and body types.
This is especially important for the salwar, a well-fitting piece meant to flatter the curves of a woman in a modest and appealing manner.

• semi-stitched suits also. Semi-stitched suits can be shaped and also altered according to your cleaves and heaves and can make you a fashion emblem in any gathering.

• Unlike unstitched suits, semi-stitched suits can be shaped instantly to be worn in any occasion. Apart from looking classy, it will equally save your time and money in turn.

• Mix-n-match, multi-color variation and contrast pattern of dupatta and salwar are some innovative style ideas that you can try with your semi-stitched suits and get the most shimmering look ever. Conversely, unstitched suits have fixed and customary patterns with very fewer variations you can try on.

Cost Effective

Another benefit of purchasing salwar kameez unstitched is it can be quite cost-effective. Especially for those looking to get a one-of-a-kind, unique items in their wardrobe.

Many luxurious fabrics can be purchased at lesser costs than finished items made from the same material and then stitched to fit perfectly.

Moreover different fabric styles can easily be mixed and matched without any hassles. On the one hand, you will find fascinating varieties of designer unstitched salwar kameez, made of expensive fabrics like brocade, zari woven silk, Banarsi silk, Tussar silk, Pashmina wool, georgette, and chiffon.

They come with beautiful embroideries like Chikan, Dori, Phulkari, Kasab, Dubka and much more.

On the other hand, there are many cheap unstitched salwar kameez choices for everyday wear and parties. Made of fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi, rayon, viscose and polyester as well as faux silk, georgette or chiffon, these often come with attractive prints including Batik, Madhubani, Bandhej, abstract designs etc.

Another very popular fabric is cotton, especially for casual wear. Cotton unstitched salwar kameez can also be made into pretty and comfortable summer-wear suits.

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There are different types of salwar kameez with different patterns ..
Explore some of them here –

• 1)Patiala salwar kameez- This suit consists of salwar pleats that start from the waist and till the end,and thus requires lot of salwar dress material.

Yet it is quite famous in the modern Indian society.
• 2)Churidar salwar kameez-These salwar kameez have least amount of pleats in the salwar which highlights the curves of the legs. It is the most popular type of salwar suit to be bought.
• 3)Anarkali suits- These are the designer cotton salwar kameez at affordable price online with latest design and prints. It is like a
• 4)Designer salwar kameez which are stylish and is mostly made of net,chiffon and cotton. They are available in both semi-stitched and unstitched form online at a reasonable price.
• 5)Dhoti salwar– In this salwar kameez we see numerous U shaped pleats in the cotton salwar and are best for summers,springs and autumns.
• 6)Parallel salwar kameez-These are the latest fashion wear throughout the Indian society. Women prefer it at all occasions as it gives classy look.

explore various options of Semi Stitched Suits & get them customized accordingly.

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